1. Navigation: Map & Compass. If you also carry a GPS, make sure to have extra batteries.

2. Sun Protection: Sunglasses & Sunscreen. Even if it is snowing, you can still get burned.

3. Insulation: Extra Clothing.

4. Illumination: Headlamp & Flashlight. Always carry extra batteries.

5. First-Aid Supplies. If you have taken a Bleeding Control classes, make sure to have your tourniquet.

6. Fire: Lighter, Candle, Waterproof matches.

7. Repair Kit & Tools: Multitool, Knife, Bike repair kit.

8. Nutrition: Always bring food.

9. Hydration: Carry extra water and prepare to be out longer than you plan to be.

10. Emergency Shelter

Remember, if you ever are lost or in need of help, we NEVER charge for our services, so please don’t wait to call or text 911.